Sales & Support Information

Sales and Service Support

  • Several Sales and Service Partner (SSP) agreements are already in place, and will be reviewed and tailored as needed.
    • In areas where SSPs are not available, customers will be supported directly by DeltaHawk.
  • Field training, A&P service and support network, and service programs to support new engines are under development.

Operation and Maintenance Training

  • Installation, operation and maintenance manuals under development and scheduled for completion just ahead of certification and production.
  • When available, manuals and training availability will be announced to service providers and customers.

How Many Aircraft Are Currently Flying With DeltaHawk Engines?

  • Four company aircraft:
    • Velocity
    • Cirrus SR20
    • Velocity V-Twin
    • Cessna 172 (in development, flying in 2019)
  • Numerous aircraft types, including helicopters and UAVs have flown with the engine.

DeltaHawk Demonstration Rides

Look for a DeltaHawk-powered demonstration closer to production. Watch and social media channels for details.

Home Builds

Using extensive expertise gained from the Velocity, Cirrus and Cessna installations, DeltaHawk is developing Firewall-to-Prop (FTP) kits for a variety of home-built engine installations.