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Our Culture:

We place high value on our employees and want them to the best they can be inside and outside of work. We hire people who are smart, goal driven, and excited about achieving the impossible. We hire for character and are willing to train for skill set. Our employees share similar common goals and missions for the company, but we are very diverse, coming from all walks of life.

Our culture encompasses a start-up approach, meaning that everyone is a hands-on contributor. Constructive ideas for improving our operations are encouraged by all members of the team. Our offerings are constantly evolving based on employee needs and feedback. We are motivated by the idea that taking care of our people is good for all of us. While others wait for the world to change, our goal is to change the world, one engine at a time.


In addition to our diverse culture, our employees find the following values important in carrying out their duties:

  • Pride: We must feel good about what we do and how we do it. We do whatever is necessary to get the job done and done right. Demonstrating pride in our work is essential to creating a more energized workplace.
  • People: We are the core of the Company’s success. We are humble, gracious, interested, ethical, enthusiastic, and respectful of people at ALL times.
  • Passion: Our key to our success lays within this value. Passion begins with being thankful for what we have in life, helping others, and making the best of each day. Passion builds confidence, generates excitement, and is contagious.
  • Products: Our products will be at the forefront of our competition by delivering on its promise of high quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Processes: Our processes provide for consistency, accountability and clearly defined responsibilities. We will use our processes to continuously improve upon the quality of our products and our people.
  • Profitability: Growth and profitability are important and necessary for our Company to survive and remain in business.


Along with carrying out our culture through our mission, DeltaHawk employees are also guided by the following ethics:


Our customers are the foundation of our success and we understand that it is our customers that the success the Company relies on. One of our primary goals is to continue to identify and meet the needs of our customer by providing a high quality product. Our focus is on developing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Without our customers, the Company would not exist. It is our customers that help us achieve our business goals.


Our suppliers sit at the heart of our activities and processes as they touch every part of our business. Just as important as it is for us to build a solid customer base, the same goes for our supplier relationships. Great suppliers are essential to our health and growth. Suppliers impact us through quality, timeliness, competitiveness, innovation and finance. We will be a valued customer to our suppliers.


Our community is the mainstay of our strong and growing brand. Giving back is important to our company morale and builds a collaborative and motivated team. Volunteerism helps to build and promote a positive culture and influences teamwork. Our genuine interest in giving back to the community and improving the lives of others is significant. It is our goal to not only create goodwill, but also to make our community a better place to live.


Our shareholders have made the investment and taken the risks that provide us to run and grow the business. Our Shareholders play a significant role in the financing, operations, and control aspects of DeltaHawk.