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Racine, Wis., USA July 23, 2018—DeltaHawk Engines, Inc., a privately held, US developer and manufacturer of jet-fuel powered general aviation engines, is displaying an enhanced 180HP engine that is truly innovative and will redefine what pilots want in a General Aviation (GA) engine.   To that end, the newly enhanced engine delivers greater reliability, durability, and safety, while providing extraordinary performance. 

DeltaHawk is in the final stages of preparation for certification.  DeltaHawk has invested significantly in the analysis and testing of its engine, resulting in numerous enhancements to the design. For example, the new head design provides improved efficiency, simpler inspection and maintenance, a lower parts count and a reduced engine weight. A redesigned exhaust system offers enhanced exhaust flow and improved packaging.

“This engine is designed by pilots, for pilots and purpose-built for aviation. The engine’s unique design features include redundancies in the air, cooling and fuel systems, and does not rely on the aircrafts’ electrical system for operation,” said Christopher Ruud, DeltaHawk CEO. “These features provide an unprecedented level of safety and reliability at a very competitive cost,” Ruud continued.

The market continues to show that pilots prefer a simple, easy-to-maintain engine with the highest level of reliability. This understanding drives these final enhancements of our jet-fueled design. The new engine is smaller, lighter, and approximately 35 – 40 percent more efficient than AvGas burning engines and can fly further on less fuel, lowering the owner’s total cost of ownership.

DeltaHawk is creating this engine family to be an industry leader and supply the GA community with the best-choice engine in terms of reliability, durability and level of safety combined with extraordinary performance, making aviation safer and more affordable worldwide.