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Additional funding secured for FAA Certification and starting production

Racine, Wis., July 20, 2015—DeltaHawk Engines, Inc. ®, a privately held developer of multi-fuel general aviation engines based in Racine, Wisconsin, announces additional funding for FAA Certification and starting production in 2016. The company’s engineers are upgrading current technologies to further refine the V4 engine.

"The significant investment by the Ruud family allows us to further engineer and refine this revolutionary, highly-innovative aircraft engine that burns Jet-A, JP-8, JP-5 or diesel fuel,” said Dennis Webb of DeltaHawk. “Following FAA Certification, we are working toward the engine going into production and then being ready-to-ship in summer 2016,” Webb continued.

The company is currently working on technical upgrades, and qualification and endurance testing in preparation for FAA testing and certification. DeltaHawk is planning to have STCs for this engine on Cessna 172, 337 and Seneca, Piper Archer/Warrior, Cirrus and Twin Diamond-Star and others. The engine is also running on the Velocity with installation on many more in subsequent years.

The new engine is smaller and approximately 35 percent more efficient than AvGas burning engines and can fly further on less fuel and at lower costs. Also, the pioneering design can maintain 100 percent power up to 18,000 feet.

Specifically, the V4, 180 HP fuel consumption is:

Idle: Less than 0.3 gallons per hour

65 percent power: 6.2 gallons per hour

75 percent power: 8.0 gallons per hour 

“After years in development we are very excited about achieving FAA Certification, and manufacturing and shipping the V4 engine,” said Doug Doers, DeltaHawk Engines chief technology officer.  “We are confident this engine will revolutionize the industry,” continued Doers.


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DeltaHawk Engines was founded in 1996 by Doug and Diane Doers and JP Brooks along with Jeanne Brooks’ support with a vision to develop and market disruptive engine technology to the general aviation industry. DeltaHawk developed the first “clean sheet” compression-ignition engine; radically redesigning the general aviation airplane engine and revolutionizing the industry. By 1997, DeltaHawk developed a prototype engine running on a static Velocity airframe. In 2015, DeltaHawk plans to test and certify the multi-fuel 160-200 horsepower engines to FAA standards. Once certified, these engines will be among the smallest, lightest, most fuel-efficient and reliable multi-fuel engines on the market.

For more information on DeltaHawk Engines, Inc., please visit the company website at deltahawk.com or call +1 (262) 583-4500.

Media Contact:
Caryn Melton