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Propulsion Designed for General Aviation

It's the start of an incredible new era of General Aviation retrofit power.


You can gain huge advantages from DeltaHawk's innovative engine designed specifically for upgrading power in aging aircraft. The solution to making your aircraft perform like you dreamed is finally here. Purchasing a DeltaHawk engine is an investment that reaches far beyond any other retrofit power source. The quality, efficiency, and reliability provide comparatively lower maintenance and fuel use, offering longevity with a return on investment you'll enjoy for a lifetime of flight in the plane you love.

FAA Certification

The achievement of complete FAA Certification on DeltaHawk Engines is imminent. When it comes to the toughest standards, no part is spared under FAA mandated oversight. DeltaHawk Engines has accomplished testing and certification readiness activities including design and performance upgrades, qualification and endurance testing. Our work exceeds FAA regulations and is being implemented to achieve the stringent safety standards that we hold ourselves to. We're anticipating FAA Type Certification on the engine by the end of 2019.

Power Reimagined.™ is not just about our engine. It's about how we do business.