Power Reimagined.™   Want to learn more about DeltaHawk Engines?

Propulsion Designed for Experimental Aircraft

The new DeltaHawk engines push the boundaries of technology so far, so completely, they'll make you forget about everything you thought you knew about power options for kit-built aircraft.

Kit Availability

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of non-certified propulsion. Homebuilders gain huge advantages from DeltaHawk Engines' innovative engine designed specifically for kit build integration. Our team of aerospace engineers and A&P mechanics as developing kits for many aircraft models. And they can also work with your development team if you choose.

That means no more engine installation challenges for you. We've simplified a complicated process and that means fewer hassles, less time and lower costs.

  • Low cost. Check.
  • Highest quality and reliability. Check.
  • Low downtime. Check.
  • The best technology. Check.

Less Weight

Simple design means less parts. Less parts mean less weight. Now that's simple. Creative use of advanced materials helps as well, along with extensive use of computer simulations to ensure the material is put where it's needed and is absent where it's not needed.

But there's more to our weight-shedding advantages. No valves, no camshaft, no cam chains, no lifters, no pushrods, no balance shafts, no gear box. DeltaHawk's slim engine design, including turbocharger, exhaust, starter, and alternator, is a sleek 340 pounds. Once you take a close look at our simple design, it will be obvious that less can be more. And that's important for experimental aircraft flight.

Power Reimagined.™ is not just about our engine. It's about how we do business. Your question about which engine to power your aircraft has been answered.