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Heavy Fuel Propulsion Designed for Unmanned Air Systems (UAS)

Our roots are General Aviation, but the DeltaHawk engine was developed with the needs of the UAS operator in mind. It's the start of an incredible new era of Heavy Fuel (HF) power for UAS operations.

The toughest journey a DeltaHawk Engine will take: making it out of the factory.

Frankly, our engineers are downright ruthless. DeltaHawk engines have gone through extensive testing way beyond FAA requirements, plus every engine is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory. Every part, assembly, and engine test go way beyond regulations. Our procedure is simple: First, we push the engine to its limit. Then we find a way to push that breaking point even further. We don't test our engines to see if they pass. We test them until they break. The point is that we're way harder on them than you'll ever be so they'll take you wherever you want to go – and bring you back – for years to come.

We've made a huge investment in state-of-the-art testing facilities. We have dedicated testing capability for every part and every assembly. Our fuel system test is second-to-none. And when it comes to engine testing, it doesn't get any better than this. Water-brake dynamometers. Propeller dynamometers. Cold start testing. The finest data acquisition and analysis systems. Oh yes, a dedicated team of test engineers and operators performing 24/7 testing. They pound each DeltaHawk engine prototype and extensively analyze the results. And all of that occurs before we start flying, because then the fun begins. DeltaHawk has a growing fleet of aircraft for flight test and evaluation.

FAA Certification

The achievement of complete FAA Certification on DeltaHawk Engines is imminent. But while the FAA standards are tough (for good reason), DeltaHawk Engines raises the bar well above those standards. Just "getting by" is not the way we do things. Every part, component and system start in the virtual world of computer simulation. When it comes to the toughest standards, no part is spared under FAA mandated oversight. DeltaHawk Engines has accomplished testing and certification readiness activities including design and performance upgrades, qualification and endurance testing.

Our work exceeds FAA regulations and is being implemented to achieve the stringent safety standards that we hold ourselves to. We're expecting FAA Type Certification on the engine by the end of 2019.

Systems Integration

DeltaHawk's team of Aerospace Engineers and A&P mechanics are developing engine kits for popular aircraft models, all built to rigorous FAA standards. These high quality packages will assure the same reliability and quality of a DeltHawk engine, backed by flight testing to optimize performance. This same team is available to help work with your systems.

Talk to us about your aircraft needs. Whether we do the integration, or our team assists yours, we are ready to help.


We all need documentation to get the job done. Our Technical Publications experts are FAA Certified A&P Mechanics. Over the years they have suffered through inadequate documentation. And they know what excellent documentation looks like. Their standards for documentation will amaze you. Expect the best.

And all documentation produced by DeltaHawk meets S1000D standards for easy incorporporation into your required publications.

Even our documentation is reimagined!

Fuel Versatility

DeltaHawk engines run on universally-available fuels including Jet-A, Jet A-1, JP-5, JP-8, F-24, and other common Jet Fuels. Your question about which engine to power your UAS has been answered.

Power Reimagined.™ is not just about our engine. It's about how we do business.