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GA Propulsion Designed for Commercial Operators

It's the start of an incredible new era of General Aviation power for commercial operations. The challenge to create a solution that meets the needs of flight-for-hire in the simplest way has been the DeltaHawk philosophy since its inception. Our focus on safety and testing has been rigorous, with you in mind.

FAA Certification

We're expecting FAA Type Certification on the engine by the end of 2019. But while the FAA standards are tough (for good reason), DeltaHawk raises the bar well above those standards. Every part, component and system starts its life in the virtual world of computer simulation. We have extraordinarily powerful systems operated by talented engineers who make sure the parts are accurate before they're made. Every part, every system, is subjected to design reviews and safety analysis before it goes through a rigorous quality inspection. DeltaHawk's quality labs feature the latest technology. Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) with accuracy to two microns. Optical Comparators. Every type of gage and metrology equipment required, plus an experienced team of quality experts. We even have an in-house FAA-Designated Engineering Representative (DER) to make sure things are done right.

When it comes to the toughest standards, no part is spared under FAA mandated oversight. DeltaHawk has accomplished testing and certification readiness activities including design and performance upgrades, qualification and endurance testing. Our work exceeds FAA regulations and is being implemented to achieve the stringent safety standards that we hold ourselves to.

STC Availability

DeltaHawk's team of Aerospace Engineers and A&P mechanics are developing STC engine kits for popular aircraft models. These high quality packages will assure the same reliability and quality of a DeltHawk engine, backed by flight testing to optimize performance.

Talk to us about your aircraft needs, whether one or a fleet.


Purchasing a DeltaHawk engine is an investment that reaches far beyond any other power source. You'll fly lighter and faster with less drag and achieve greater payload. The quality, efficiency, and reliability in DeltaHawk engines provide comparatively lower maintenance and fuel use, offering little-to-no downtime, and a return on investment that will earn you money.

Power Reimagined.™ is not just about our engine. It's about how we do business.