Power Reimagined.™   Want to learn more about DeltaHawk Engines?

Certified Propulsion Designed for Homebuilt Aircraft

Whether you're racing, going to exhibitions, or just having fun, you'll fly further, faster and longer with a DeltaHawk engine under the cowl.

Kit Availability

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of non-certified propulsion. There's no more need to buy used power either. Homebuilders gain huge advantages from DeltaHawk Engines' innovative powerplant, an FAA-certified engine with a DeltaHawk designed installation package developed specifically for easy integration into your homebuilt.

And while versatility for aircraft installation was at the top of the list as our engine was designed, now we've made it even easier to get your aircraft powered by this incredible engine with the DeltaHawk Early-Bird Engine Buy Program. This unique program allows experimental aircraft owners to repower with a DHK 180-hp engine and get an avionics package installed at an incredible low price.

That means no more engine installation challenges for you. Our installation team, led by Aerospace engineers and FAA Certified A&P mechanics, knows their way around powering experimental aircraft. We've simplified a complicated process and that means fewer hassles, less time and lower costs.

  • Low cost. Check.
  • Highest quality and reliability. Check.
  • Low downtime. Check.
  • The best technology. Check.


The endless hours of labor we've put into the unique design of the DeltaHawk engine matches the sweat equity you've invested in personally challenging yourself to build the best aircraft you can. No one knows better than us, the painstaking process it takes to create exactly what you imagined. Now you just need the power to make it perform like you dreamed. Purchasing a DeltaHawk engine is an investment that reaches far beyond any other power source. The quality, efficiency, and reliability provide comparatively lower maintenance and fuel use, offering longevity with a return on investment you'll enjoy for a lifetime of flight.

Power Reimagined.™ It's not just about our engine. It's about how we do business. Your question about which engine to power your aircraft has been answered.