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DeltaHawk Engines
160 hp • 180 hp (initial model) • 200 hp

Power Reimagined.™

Ever notice how most General Aviation engines look the same? Whether it's a decades-old AvGas burner or a bulky, complex, automotive-based diesel engine, the obvious question is, "Who is speaking for the operator of the aircraft?"

Let's imagine an engine born from the minds of pilots. Pilots who both own and operate their aircraft. Pilots who write the checks. Pilots who carry their families. Pilots who care about performance, reliability, efficiency and maintenance. And pilots who are also very talented engineers with the financial backing to get the job done.

Now, let those imaginations run free to develop the engine that THEY want under their cowl. The result is power reimagined in a DeltaHawk engine. An engine that is completely different from any other. Not different just to be different, but different because DeltaHawk's pilots and engineers know what they want to fly.

It's the start of an incredible new era of General Aviation (GA) power. DeltaHawk has reimagined powerful jet fuel engines. The new DeltaHawk engines push the boundaries of technology so far, so completely, they'll make you forget about everything you thought you knew about GA engines.

But an engine this different doesn't just happen. The team at DeltaHawk has reimagined engineering systems and processes, quality systems, testing facilities, even production processes. And we've made an extraordinary investment in our 72,000-square-foot engine facility in Racine, Wisconsin and our aircraft facility as well. It's a serious initiative that meets demanding standards for development, testing, production and flight.

The time has come to experience the difference. DeltaHawk Engines is Power Reimagined.™

Simple Design – Simple Maintenance

Say goodbye to decades-old designs. Say goodbye to complexity.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

Achieving simplicity is not simple. The challenge to create a solution that meets the needs of the customer in the simplest way has been the DeltaHawk philosophy since its inception.

We've created a simple design that produces extraordinary horsepower, high torque, and great fuel efficiency – all by using very few parts. The direct drive design means no gear box. No valves and valve train. No complex electronics or myriads of sensors that are prone to aircraft-grounding failures.

The reimagined DeltaHawk engine goes beyond simple design. It's simple to maintain. Simple concepts like externally-mounted pumps and other components make maintenance much easier.

But don't think sophisticated simplicity means safety-related corners were cut. What other engine can fail a fuel pump and keep on running? Or fail a cooling system and keep on running? Or fail an air system and keep on running? For that matter, you can lose the aircraft's electrical system and keep on running.

What does this mean to the aircraft operator? Higher reliability and longer life for sure. In addition, the design simplicity delivers lower maintenance, less weight, and a smaller, much more aerodynamic, fuel-efficient package.

Proven Performance

Turbocharged and Supercharged. Perfect power all the time.

An industry first, DeltaHawk engines are both supercharged and turbocharged. We're talking extraordinary power from accelerating down the runway to climbing through the clouds. Worried about that turbocharger? Unlike traditional engines with scorching hot EGTs which contribute to turbocharger failures and high maintenance costs, DeltaHawk engines deliver power at relatively cool temps. No sweat (says your turbo).

And speaking of not having to work hard, DeltaHawk's efficient engine design translates to efficient use of fuel. Expect your usual mission to burn about 40% less fuel than traditional engines.

Less Weight

Simple design means less parts. Less parts mean less weight. Now that's simple. DeltaHawk's two-stroke design means every piston fires at every revolution, which means the engine supplies similar power to a four-stroke in a much smaller package. Creative use of advanced materials helps as well, along with extensive use of computer simulations to ensure the material is put where it's needed and is absent where it's not needed.

But there's more to our weight-shedding advantages. No valves, no camshaft, no cam chains, no lifters, no pushrods, no balance shafts, no gear box. Once you take a close look at our simple design, it will really be obvious that less can be more. The slim design, including turbocharger, exhaust, starter, and alternator, weighs a sleek 340 pounds. That's an extraordinary achievement for a jet-fuel burning turbocharged engine. Heck, that's an incredible achievement for ANY engine!

Low Maintenance

Other than routine maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, there just isn't that much upkeep needed on a DeltaHawk engine. If repairs are ever required, most engine assemblies are mounted externally on the engine, making accessibility a breeze. There are no complex electronics with associated sensors and wiring harnesses.

Yes, we love simple too!

Fuel Versatility

DeltaHawk Engines run on universally-available fuels including Jet-A, Jet A-1, JP-5, JP-8, F-24, and other common Jet Fuels.

Safety & Testing

The toughest journey a DeltaHawk Engine will take: making it out of the factory.

Frankly, our engineers are downright ruthless. Every part, assembly, and engine test go way beyond the regulations. We have made a huge investment in our state-of-the-art testing facilities. We have dedicated testing capability for every part and every assembly. Our fuel system test is second-to-none. And when it comes to engine testing, it doesn't get any better than this. Water-brake dynamometers. Propeller dynamometers. Cold start testing. The finest data acquisition and analysis systems. Oh yes, a dedicated team of engineers and operators performing 24/7 testing. They pound each DeltaHawk engine prototype and extensively analyze the results. And all of that occurs before we start flying, because then the fun begins. DeltaHawk has a growing fleet of aircraft for flight test and evaluation.

Three things are certain; we've reimagined world-class durability, quality and reliability. Nothing else could ever match DeltaHawk Engines' absolute dedication to these performance attributes.

Our testing procedure is simple: First, we push the engine to its limit. Then we find a way to push that breaking point even further. We don't test our engines to see if they pass. We test them until they break. The point is that we're way harder on them than you'll ever be so they'll take you wherever you want to go – and bring you back – for years to come.

FAA Certification

The achievement of complete FAA Certification on DeltaHawk engines is imminent. But while the FAA standards are tough (for good reason), DeltaHawk raises the bar well above those standards. Just "getting by" is not the way we do things.

Every part, component and system start its life in the virtual world of computer simulation. We have extraordinarily powerful systems operated by talented engineers who make sure the parts are accurate before they're made. Every part, every system, is subjected to design reviews and safety analysis before it goes through a rigorous quality inspection. DeltaHawk's quality labs feature the latest technology. Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) with accuracy to 20 microns. Optical Comparators. Every type of gage and metrology equipment required, plus an experienced team of quality experts. We even have an in-house FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) to make sure things are done right.

When it comes to the toughest standards, no part is spared under FAA mandated oversight. DeltaHawk has accomplished testing and certification readiness activities including design and performance upgrades, qualification and endurance testing.

Our work exceeds FAA regulations and is being implemented to achieve the stringent safety standards that we hold ourselves to.

Sales & Service Support

DeltaHawk Engines is developing a wide distribution network backed by field training, A&P service and support network, and service programs, to support new engines under development.

Finding service on a DeltaHawk engine will be easy. Our American-built engines are supported by a network of Sales and Service Partners (SSP) that are tailored for global support. And if there are areas where SSPs are not available, customers will be supported directly by DeltaHawk Engines, Inc.